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Stake BALL - Earn BALL

Ball Exchange now offers one BALL Syrup Pool with two staking options: flexible staking or fixed-term staking. Note that the Auto BALL , IFO, and Manual BALL pools will be retired upon the launch of the new BALL Syrup Pool with flexible and fixed-term staking. Keep reading on to learn more!

What’s the difference between “Flexible” and “Fixed-Term” staking?

With both, you can simply stake your BALL tokens to earn more BALL tokens with no deposit fees. Flexible staking allows users to stake BALL and earn rewards with the ability to unstake whenever they please. Fixed-term staking allows users to maximise their yield and earn even more BALL by locking their staked BALL for a period of time they choose, earning a linearly boosted yield compared to flexible staking.
Flexible staking and fixed-term staking are both part of the same pool to allow users easy migration between the two staking options. However, when you do fixed-term staking, there is an option to perform flexible BALL staking on the side.

Flexible Staking

Stake your BALL and forget about it! BALL rewards will be automatically distributed and included in your staking balance, minus a small fee (same as the old Auto BALL Syrup Pool).
If you have BALL staked in flexible staking
  • ✅ Add more BALL to flexible staking
  • ✅ Harvest rewards any time
  • ✅ Withdraw any time (fees apply for the first 72 hours, see below)
  • ✅ Convert all staked BALL in flexible to fixed-term staking
  • ❌ Add BALL to fixed-term staking if you have any BALL in flexible staking
  • ❌ Convert part of the staked BALL in flexible to fixed-term staking
Unstaking fee
  • 0.1%
 if you unstake (withdraw) within 72 hours.
  • Only applies within 3 days of manually staking.
  • After 3 days, you can unstake with no fee.
  • The 3-day timer resets every time you manually stake more BALL in the pool.
  • This fee only applies to manual unstaking: it does not apply to automatic compounding.
Performance fee
  • 2%, subtracted automatically from each yield harvest.
  • For example, if the harvest were 1 BALL , then 0.02 BALL would be subtracted as the performance fee.
The BALL collected via the unstaking fee and performance fee is burned every week as part of the regular BALL token burns.
This is a good thing for BALL holders because it reduces the overall amount of BALL tokens in existence, which helps reduce inflation.

Fixed-Term Staking

Stake your BALL for a fixed amount of time to maximise yields and receive additional benefits! BALL rewards will be locked along with the staked BALL until the staking duration ends.
  • No performance fees
  • The longer you lock, the higher the boost applied to the yield! Always offering a higher yield compared to flexible staking!
  • BALL rewards will unlock, along with your staked BALL, when your lock duration expires
  • Once staked in fixed-term staking, you cannot withdraw until the end of your lock duration.
If you have BALL locked in fixed-term staking
  • ✅ Add more BALL to lock
  • ✅ Extend the lock period
  • ✅ Perform flexible staking on the side
  • ❌ Harvest rewards
  • ❌ Withdraw before the lock ends